Museum Cafe – painting work

by Emma Keen | 23rd Jan 2019

Hi all

I just wanted to give you all a heads up about intended plans to complete the painting work in the cafe. Because works have overrun, we’ll be closing the café in parts rather than shut entirely, so we can remain open to the public throughout. It does mean that at parts we will have limited space available and that the Sargent Room will be out of action on some days, which does mean I need to ask if internal meetings can happen elsewhere on those days.

Monday 21 Jan – café open as usual (painting in first section of café to be finished before public opening. Painting in the lobby for the rest of the day which will not affect opening)

Tuesday 22 Jan – Fri 25 Jan – middle section of the café will be closed for painting. The Sargent Room will still be accessible to staff but closed to public. Best to access it via the outside rather than through the area being painted

Weekend Sat 26 – Sun 27 – café open as usual

Monday 28 Jan – 31 Jan – sanding in the Sargent Room. The rest of the café will be open as usual

Monday 4 Feb onwards

The rest of the café also needs to be sanded down. I’m aware that there’s essentially a whole café external event on the 7 Feb so I’ll work a plan around this.

Any questions or concerns, just give me a shout



Ilona Harris

Commercial Manager